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ConservaTruth Membership: Elevate Your Voice

Dive deep into South Carolina's cherished conservative traditions with an exclusive membership tailored for the informed and passionate. As part of the ConservaTruth Association, you're not just subscribing; you're committing to a brighter future for our state.

Only $149 a year

Membership benefits


  • Watchdog Alerts: Be the first to know about legislative moves with our real-time alerts, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.
  • Informed Voting: Access in-depth analysis, deciphering complex legislations into easy-to-understand insights for our members.
  • Connect & Collaborate: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Engage in member-exclusive forums, webinars, and local meet-ups.
  • Direct Advocacy: Amplify your voice. Our team liaises directly with elected officials, ensuring our shared conservative values are always at the forefront.
  • Exclusive Resources: From guides to toolkits, enjoy resources curated just for you, aiding your journey as a South Carolina conservative champion.

When you sign up for the ConservaTruth Membership, you’re not just subscribing; you’re championing a legacy. Together, let’s shape South Carolina’s conservative future. 

To access further information about each membership advantage, click on the plus + icon.

To access further information about each membership advantage, click on the plus + icon.

Watchdog Advocacy Efforts

ConservaTruth’s Watchdog Mission: Your Beacon in the Legislative Maze

Dive deep into the complexities of state politics with ConservaTruth’s unwavering watchdog efforts, tailor-made for those who value integrity, clarity, and genuine conservative ideals.

  • Precision-Powered Analysis: We meticulously dissect significant legislative documents, pinpointing any verbiage that strays from core conservative tenets. It’s not just about skimming the surface; we go layers deep.

  • Translating Political Speak: Our team transforms the cryptic jargon of political documents into clear, accessible language. We’re your interpreter in the nuanced world of legislative linguistics.

  • Comprehensive Reports & Articles: Beyond mere summaries, our in-depth reports and articles shed light on the subtleties and implications of legislative actions. We pull back the curtain, offering you a panoramic view of the political scene.

  • Education with Depth: We believe in equipping our members with robust knowledge. Our resources provide a profound understanding of topics, enabling you to engage in informed discussions and decisions.

With ConservaTruth by your side, you’re not just reading about politics; you’re immersing yourself in the very fabric of conservative advocacy in South Carolina. Stand empowered, enlightened, and ever-vigilant. Your informed journey begins here.


The Association’s core team is dedicated to forging ties with fellow South Carolinians who share our vision. Comprising individuals passionate about expanding our influence, the team prioritizes relationship-building as the Association’s cornerstone. To amplify this effort, we’ll host informal, face-to-face networking events for members to exchange ideas.

Proactive Monitoring & Engagement

We maintain close ties with state legislators, ensuring they comprehend how potential bills might affect our conservative ethos. Vigilantly, we identify and preempt threats to our values.

Communication and Mobilization

We’ll provide a private online community platform for South Carolina’s conservatives to connect and share insights. The ConservaTruth blog will complement this with articles deepening our conservative understanding. This platform will also broadcast Call to Action Alerts, enabling members to partake in community mobilization. In essence, our website serves as a hub for communication, networking, volunteer opportunities, and access to our dedicated conservative political action committee.

Education through Exclusive Events

Recognizing our members’ zeal for understanding legislation and its statewide impact, our Association will:
Deliver legislative updates from esteemed conservative analysts.
Organize educational conservative seminars, either complimentary or at a discounted rate for members.
Provide members with complimentary biannual conferences, shedding light on pivotal legislative alterations and their repercussions.

Vendor Discounts

Members will receive special discounts from local businesses that champion conservative principles. We’re steadfast in our belief that our community should reap the rewards of its network. As such, we’re compiling a list of trusted conservative vendors for members to not only experience quality service but also save money.

Career Connect

Step into a brighter future with ConservaTruth. Soon, we’ll be launching a pivotal partnership with a top conservative-aligned employment service provider. Elevate your professional journey in spaces that echo your values. Be the first to access these curated opportunities by being a part of our vibrant community. The next step in your career awaits, and it’s proudly conservative. Stay tuned!