ConservaTruth, your South Carolina Conservative Legislative Watchdog, is the vigilant guardian of the state’s conservative values. Championing low taxation, personal freedoms, and a free market, our watchdog efforts and education ensure that informed citizens hold officials accountable.

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Become a member of ConservaTruth and be at the heart of a passionate community dedicated to preserving South Carolina’s cherished conservative values. Let your voice be a part of the chorus that shapes our state’s future: join us today and make a difference.

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Donating to the ConservaTruth PAC is a direct investment in championing South Carolina’s core conservative values, ensuring we support and elect officials who uphold these principles. Make a stand for our state’s future: contribute today and drive the change we wish to see.

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By becoming a member of ConservaTruth, you’re not just supporting a platform; you’re actively contributing to the vigilant watchdog efforts we tirelessly undertake. These initiatives are crucial for dissecting and analyzing every piece of legislation, ensuring the final laws enacted align with our conservative values without getting lost in the proverbial legislative ‘sausage-making’ process.

Your membership dues are invested back into these essential efforts, providing the necessary resources and tools for ConservaTruth to remain on the frontline, championing transparency, accountability, and the conservative principles we hold dear.

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Read The Blog

Delve into the ConservaTruth blog to gain insightful perspectives on South Carolina’s conservative landscape and stay updated on pivotal issues affecting our values. Let our articles enrich your understanding and fuel your passion. Explore our blog today.

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Foundational Principles

Dive deep into the core beliefs that fuel our mission, reflecting South Carolina’s rich conservative tradition.


Legislation Watchdog

Stay updated with our vigilant oversight on policies, ensuring they align with conservative values.


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Connect with like-minded South Carolinians passionate about preserving our state’s integrity and heritage.


Educational Resources

Resources, analyses, and insights designed to create well-informed voters ready for every ballot.


Voices in Advocacy

Join the collective push as we ensure conservative concerns are heard in every corner of the state.


Membership Perks

Elevate your advocacy game with exclusive content, events, and tools available only to our members.

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Joining ConservaTruth as part of the South Carolina Conservative Legislative Watchdog initiative equips you with essential insights to champion our state’s core conservative values. Benefit from timely legislative updates and network with passionate peers. Together, we’ll ensure South Carolina’s future aligns with principled conservatism.

Informed Voter

Becoming a member empowers you with the knowledge and tools to vote wisely. Harness vital updates on South Carolina’s legislative landscape and stand up for enduring conservative ideals. Shape South Carolina’s destiny through informed choices.

“In ConservaTruth, we don’t just champion conservative principles; we arm you with the knowledge to protect and propel them forward in South Carolina.”

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