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Welcome to the ConservaTruth Association, where we are dedicated to upholding and safeguarding South Carolina conservative values in the realm of State and Local politics and governance. As a watchdog organization, our primary mission is to ensure that State and Local elected officials stay true to their commitment to conservative principles, including advocating for low to limited taxation, preserving personal freedoms, promoting a free marketplace, and advocating for limited government. Our Association strives to hold State and Local elected officials accountable and champion the values that our supporters believe in, fostering a stronger and more responsible government for the benefit of our society and economy. Together, as an Association, we stand united to protect the core conservative principles that shape our nation’s future and educate our members on current legislation that will impact the conservative values within our State and Local communities.

Our Team

At the heart of ConservaTruth Association’s momentum are our dedicated officers and board members. These dynamic South Carolinians channel their passion into defending the timeless values our state treasures. Their combined expertise and steadfast commitment to conservative principles shape our path forward in today’s ever-evolving landscape.


Michelle Luft


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Michelle’s journey with conservatism is nothing short of exemplary. Her relentless vigilance in reviewing South Carolina’s legislation ensures that every bill passed aligns with our cherished conservative principles. But her efforts don’t just end there. Through her meticulously crafted educational sheets, she’s demystified hundreds of legislative documents, enabling fellow South Carolinians to understand the implications behind them.

As the founder of the ConservaTruth blog, Michelle’s pen champions the truth, drawing from exhaustive watchdog and research efforts to ensure every article educates and empowers. Her noteworthy co-authorship of the “Parental Bill of Rights” during the 124th and 125th legislative sessions is a testament to her dedication to the families of our state. Beyond ConservaTruth, Michelle’s leadership at Parental Rights South Carolina underscores her commitment to ensuring that the inviolable bond between parents and children remains untouched and revered.


Quote: “In the heart of South Carolina lies a promise – a promise to safeguard the values that bind us. At ConservaTruth, we vow to uphold this promise, ensuring every generation inherits a state true to its foundational principles.”



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Kris Smith


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Board Members

Jeffrey Luft


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Jeffrey has worked over 25 years in the accounting and financial industries. His major work experience was derived by being employed by one of the most successful investment banks on Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and then afterwards at a “Big Four” accounting firm, KPMG LLP.

Currently, he is involved in private equity actively participating in M&A activities for small to mid-sized distressed or special situation transactions. Additionally, he provides ongoing operational and financial oversight for portfolio companies.

Jeffrey graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.B.A. in accountancy from Bernard Baruch College – City University of New York. He holds licenses as a Certified Public Accountant in New York and South Carolina. Jeffrey is a published writer and technical trainer in the accounting and finance field.

Over the years, Jeffrey has become more concerned over the challenges facing conservatives, which led him to volunteer as the Chairman for ConservTruth’s Association and PAC. Here he will use his experience to provide operational and financial oversight to allow both companies to reach their goals.

Joe Cali


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Joe Cali, a staunch advocate for the unchanging values of the Declaration of Independence, firmly believes in the concept that our rights are granted by God, not the government. His alignment with these principles led him to join the Republican Party, as its platform closely mirrors his ideals of Americanism.

His political engagement has seen him elected twice as a County Executive Committeeman. In addition, he actively participates in the Dorchester County Taxpayer Association. Here, he is involved in discussions centered around local decisions impacting tax rates and fiscal expenditure.

Beyond his political endeavors, Joe is the proud founder of a local watchdog group focused on education. This group’s mission is to raise awareness about issues within the government education system.

Outside of his political and educational pursuits, Joe savors the charm of Lowcountry living. He cherishes spending quality time with his family and friends, fully embodying the laid-back lifestyle the region is known for.

Erica Miller


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Erica is passionate about her faith, conservative values, and responsible fiscal spending. She is a member of a local citizen education committee that focuses on raising community awareness of issues within the public education system and strives for education to return to fact-based learning. Erica is dedicated to leading a life of faith in God by being prayerful, honest, and demonstrating integrity in all decisions. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, solving world problems, playing with her kittens, and exercising her brain. 

Diana Johnson


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Diana moved to Charleston in 1994 as a young adult. She has raised three children in Dorchester County. Grace, her oldest, is now raising a family in Dorchester County with her husband Lloyd and baby, Henry. Diana’s twins, Katie Beth and Chipper, attend the University of South Carolina.

Diana has worked as a realtor since 2005. She made an exciting professional leap in 2017 by purchasing the first Realty ONE Group franchise in South Carolina. Now known as Realty ONE Group Coastal, Diana located her first office in Summerville. In only a few short years, Realty ONE Group Coastal has gone from Diana and her dream to three offices buzzing with more than 200 agents, plus support staff, property management, and HOA management.

Realty ONE Group is known for being a dynamic, full-service lifestyle real estate brand and franchise model, dedicated to empowering and advancing tomorrow’s real estate professionals today. One thing that is important to Diana is that life is more than just having a successful career, which is why she also serves her community in many ways.

She has worked with several local charities on different projects. She was a Guardian Ad Litem, working to protect children through family court in the Lowcountry. She currently is involved in the fight against child sex trafficking locally, nationally, and internationally. This gives Diana the opportunity to be a voice for children. She has always taught her three children to give back to their community.

Diana got involved in local politics in 2020. She helped organize a group to attend school board meetings in an effort to have masks removed from our children. That same group helped change the leadership of the Dorchester GOP by just a few votes. She has remained committed to helping make change and bring awareness to corruption that has taken over politics on all levels and in all parties.

Brett Osean


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Brett dedicated 27 years to retail management at Lowe’s Home Improvement before embarking on a new journey in 2019 to secure a brighter future for his wife and three children. He is now focused on extending internet access to the underserved rural regions of South Carolina. A staunch advocate for liberty, Brett is committed to supporting Republican candidates to uphold these values, with a particular emphasis on his home state of South Carolina. Furthermore, his fervor for enhancing educational standards drove him to become an active member of the Concerned Citizens for Education advocacy group. Through this platform, Brett champions awareness of educational challenges and collaborates on solutions to elevate the quality of education.

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