Oh boy! Last week, state lawmakers approved a roughly $40 billion budget for the state’s 2023-24 fiscal year. Check it out here (it’s a big one!)

Does a larger state budget necessarily align with conservative principles? Can we truly claim to advocate for limited government when the state’s expenditures are on the rise? Is this not a contradiction in terms?

And isn’t it prudent to ask who exactly will bear the burden of funding this increase in spending? Would it not be the hardworking taxpayers who would likely have to foot this bill?

Indeed, wouldn’t it be worthwhile for conservatives to ponder deeply on these issues and perhaps recalibrate their stances if need be, to ensure alignment with true conservative values? After all, isn’t fiscal responsibility, limited government spending, and lower taxes at the heart of conservatism?

The challenges of today are not met by hastily written checks from the state treasury, but rather through innovative solutions that empower individuals, encourage entrepreneurship, and preserve our shared values. As the saying goes, “Measure twice, cut once.” It’s high time we measure the unintended consequences of these proposals against the yardstick of fiscal prudence and long-term sustainability.

Are we truly safeguarding our future with this heavy budget, or are we inadvertently paving the path towards an overbearing government and unsustainable spending? Is it time, perhaps, to reassess our approach and seek more sustainable and principled alternatives that truly embody our conservative values?

We have an opportunity to shape South Carolina’s future, not merely through the distribution of tax dollars but through principled policy decisions that uplift and empower our citizens. We must exercise caution and discernment lest we sow the seeds of fiscal recklessness and unintended consequences.

The call, therefore, is not to shirk responsibility or abandon our commitment to societal improvement. It is instead a call to rethink the path we take to get there, one that champions personal liberty, fiscal conservatism, and sustainable growth. Let’s seize this opportunity to foster a truly conservative policy approach that navigates the challenges of today while preserving the prosperity of tomorrow.

The role of government is undeniably to facilitate societal progress and safeguard our citizens’ welfare. However, as conservatives, we believe this role is best fulfilled when the government empowers individuals and communities, respects our hard-earned money, and upholds our shared values. The question is not whether we should invest in resilience, education, or public safety, but how best to do so without eroding the very principles we hold dear.


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