Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

Welcome to the ConservaTruth Association! Your commitment to our organization underscores the importance of our mission. By securing a membership with ConservaTruth, you affirm your acceptance of the following terms and conditions. We strongly advise you to peruse them thoroughly to ensure a seamless collaboration.

2. Financial Commitment & No Refund Policy

When you make the choice to become a member, you directly empower our advocacy efforts. Recognizing the immediate allocation of these funds towards our initiatives, ConservaTruth operates under a strict no-refund policy. Once processed, membership fees are non-refundable.

3. Upholding Your Privacy

At ConservaTruth, we deeply value your trust and make your privacy a top priority. While we employ advanced measures to protect your personal information, we also acknowledge the challenges of ensuring absolute security online. We encourage members to practice discretion when sharing details online.

4. Community Engagement and Privacy Risks

Our community thrives on shared values and mutual respect. While we endeavor to cultivate a secure and respectful space, it’s essential to understand that the actions of individuals, such as screenshotting or information sharing, are beyond our immediate control. We implore members to practice discernment when divulging personal or sensitive details. Our administrators continually work to bolster community integrity, but we ask you to navigate our platform with awareness.

5. Content Disclaimer

The ConservaTruth platform, comprising our website and blog, is a hub of diverse perspectives. While we stand by the authenticity of our content, we recognize that it mirrors the individual viewpoints of our authors. We champion the principle of informed decision-making and recommend our readers undertake their own research to form holistic perspectives.

6. Liability Release

By engaging with our platform and contributing to our community, you absolve ConservaTruth, along with its partners and associates, from any potential liabilities, claims, or damages emanating from the utilization of our services or any declarations by ConservaTruth representatives.

7. Open Lines of Communication

Your feedback and queries matter immensely to us. For any concerns related to your membership or other facets of our association, do not hesitate to reach out at Our diligent team pledges to address your issues and aims to revert within a 24-hour window.

8. Dynamic Terms

The ever-evolving landscape of our initiatives might necessitate periodic modifications to these terms. ConservaTruth reserves the exclusive right to revise or substitute these conditions as deemed necessary. Members bear the onus of staying abreast with any updates.

9. Our Collective Vision

Your association with ConservaTruth is a testament to our shared vision for an enlightened and empowered South Carolina. Let’s collaboratively ensure a state where conservative values are championed and every voice finds its rightful echo.

Thank you for entrusting ConservaTruth with your support and vision.